Lantern Fly Management for Residents

Spotted Lantern Fly Management For Residents

Adult Spotted Lantern Flies are back with a vengeance this summer in our region.

Basic insecticides can be used for these localized hatchings are are effective on SLF. The key is reducing the spread from egg masses laid on objects that move, (cars and vehicles) and residents should watch for these egg masses and destroy them.  Mercer County is in the quarantine zone and residents should be looking out for these egg masses on their vehicles before taking trips outside the quarantine areas.


      Quick Facts

  • SLF is a destructive invasive pest native to China, India and Vietnam threatening agricultural and ornamental plants.
  • SLF does not bite or sting.
  • SLF does not kill all trees it feeds on. SLF is a plant stressor that, along with other stressors, can cause significant damage to its host.
  • Stop the spread of SLF by checking your car and any outdoor equipment (grills, mowers, firewood, etc.) when going in and out of the quarantine zone. 
  • If you see a Spotted Lanternfly, help us Stomp it Out!
  • To report a sighting, use the reporting tool or call 833-4BADBUG (833-422-3284). For other questions, email us at
  • Video on scraping and killing the egg masses:
  •  Information on spraying egg masses with oils to kill them, especially if the masses are too numerous to scrape:

  • Quarantine Zones
  • Know Your Zones: The spotted lanternfly is quarantined in several Eastern states, so drivers who travel through these areas need to be extra careful that they aren't moving this pest. Check with your state agricultural department for quarantine information. If your employment or business operates in or near an infested area, or if you receive shipments from an infested area:
  • Check Your Vehicle: Before leaving a parking lot or work site, inspect vehicles for spotted lanternfly egg or insects. Check doors, sides, bumpers, wheel wells, grills, and roofs.  If found, destroy any eggs or insects you find.
  • Inspect Items Being Moved: Check shipping containers, propane tanks, pallets and other items being stored outdoors before they are moved off-site. Inspect incoming goods for egg masses and insects. 
  • Park with Windows Closed: The spotted lanternfly and its nymphs can enter vehicles unsuspectedly. When parked, make sure to keep windows closed. If possible, try to park 15 feet away from trees if in a quarantine zone.
  • Remove and Destroy Pests: Crush nymphs and adult insects. Scrape egg masses into a plastic bag and place in trash.
  • Remove Host Trees: Spotted lanternflies prefer the ailanthus tree, also known as “Tree of Heaven.” Try to remove trees from the business property to avoid attracting spotted lanternfly.
  • Report Sightings: Contact the state agricultural department to report sightings outside of quarantined zones. If possible, take a picture or capture the insect in alcohol.  
  • Comply with Permitting: Businesses operating in quarantine zones must have permits to move equipment and goods. Visit more information about permits. 
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