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DCA Grant Assistance for Events & Recreational Services

Description: Provides funding assistance in the form of grants to local governments for both short-term special events and comprehensive recreational services for individuals with disabilities. Visit the title link above or call (609) 984-6654/(609) 282-8134 for more information.

DCA Rental Assistance Program

Description: The State Rental Assistance Program provides tenant-based and project-based rental assistance grants, comparable to the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program and shall be terminated upon the award of a Federal subsidy to the same individual or household. For more information, visit the link in the title or call (609) 292-4080.

DCA Universal Service Fund (USF) Program

Description: Assists very low-income persons who have high natural gas and/or electric bills by providing a monthly credit. To be eligible for USF, a household's gross annual income must be less than or equal to 175 percent of the Federal Poverty Level and the household must spend more than 3 percent of its income for electric service or natural gas service. If the home is heated with electricity, the household must spend more than 6 percent of its income on electricity.
Eligible households can use the joint USF/LIHEAP application to apply for USF at any time of year, or to apply for USF and LIHEAP at the same time during the winter months (typically November – March). While applicants may apply for USF at any time of year, they are encouraged to submit the joint USF/LIHEAP application during the winter months when their eligibility can be determined for both USF and LIHEAP. Click the title link for an application and a list of agencies that accept applications.

DCA Weatherization Assistance Program

Description: Assists elderly, disabled and low-income persons by installing energy saving materials in their homes, improving their heating system efficiency and conserving energy. The program also provides emergency heating assistance. Eligible households must submit a weatherization application to a designated community based agency. A list of designated agencies and the application can be found at athe title link above or call (609) 984-6184.

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