Economic Development

Economic Development

Robbinsville is a community rooted in its farming history, yet remains committed to moving toward a secure and prosperous future through economic development.
Ideally situated near the New Jersey Turnpike, Interstate 195 and Route 130, Robbinsville has become a major hub for warehousing, logistics and a cluster of small businesses. In close proximity to New York City, Philadelphia, the state capital of Trenton, rail stops on the Northeast Corridor and the Jersey Shore, Robbinsville has it all. From large Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, McKesson Corporation, Starbucks and Walgreens to a tight-knit community of small businesses that serve as the economic engine of this former farming town, Robbinsville has an unwavering commitment to those who choose to do business here.
delorenzosrearBy targeting large ratables to help stabilize taxes, Mayor Dave Fried and his Economic Development team have implemented a business-friendly approach to government that has paved the way for stable municipal budgets and a bright and prosperous future for its residents.

The 2013 agreement with Amazon will generate over $22 million in tax revenue over 20 years and has provided thousands of new jobs at its fulfillment center located at 50 New Canton Way in the Matrix Business Park at 7A.

McKesson, a leading healthcare services and information technology company also located in the Matrix Business Park, is expected to generate $6.5 million over a 10-year span. Robbinsville remains a leader in the small business community thanks in part to a "Keep it Local Robbinsville" awareness program that not only encourages keeping revenue and jobs in town, but one that has donated $10,500 to its network of charities since 2016. Business-friendly policies and procedures have allowed builders and tenants to streamline the process of getting projects approved and completed in an expedited manner.
In 2009, Mayor Fried promoted changes to the Township’s sign ordinance, a small business advertising partnership, and marketing support for grand openings in the Township.

With over 10 million square feet of leased warehouse space (2021), Robbinsville's local economy remains well-positioned for future growth with a stable tax municipal rate and a consistent AA+/Stable rating from Standard & Poors Global

The rating reflects the S&P opinion of the Township's "v
ery strong economy, very strong budgetary flexibility, very strong liquidity, very weak debt-and-contingent liability position and strong institutional framework score."
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Standard & Poors considers Robbinsville's economy very strong. The Township, with a population of 15,476 as of the 2020 Census, is considered broad and diverse. In 2019 it had a projected per capita effective buying income of 187% of the national level and per capita market value of $190,379. Overall, Robbinsville had an aggregate real market value of $2.8 billion in fiscal 2021. The Mercer County unemployment rate was 3.8 percent in December, 2021.

Robbinsville is approximately one hour from both New York, Philadelphia and Liberty International Airport (Newark), with major highways such as the New Jersey Turnpike and Interstate 195 crossing through. Its convenient location has made the township an attraction for many large companies to house warehouse operations. Along with a robust Town Center area and Downtown Medical Campus developed and operated by Sharbell Development Corp., Robbinsville boasts over 10 million square feet in warehouse space, with a 98 percent occupancy rate. The Amazon warehouse, located in the Matrix Business Park, has become one of the most successful fulfillment centers in the nation with over 2,500 employees. Other Matrix tenants include notable companies such as McKesson Corporation. McMaster-Carr, LongChamp USA, Mercedes Benz, and Global International. In addition to the township's successful warehouse sector, Robbinsville is also experiencing new commercial and staggered residential growth to limit school overcrowding. The regional work force is diverse and well-educated to meet both white collar and blue collar needs of any business.

In 2013, Robbinsville became the first municipality to capture the PlanSmart NJ Economic Development Achievement Award after teaming with the Matrix Business Park to lease over 12 million square feet since 2012 with an estimated economic impact of over $800 million. Robbinsville offers an inviting climate for both large and small businesses with an updated Master Plan and revised ordinances for Highway Commercial and other uses. With plans in the works for a parking garage, a community pool and other commercial development in its Town Center South location along Route 33, Robbinsville is poised to take another giant leap toward its ultimate goal of a thriving, walk-able community.
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