Animal Control

Animal Control


All animal bites (dog, cats, raccoons, bats, etc.) must be reported immediately to the Police Department at (609) 259-3900. An Animal Control Officer investigates bites, enforces all dog ordinances, and assists in the control of wild or stray animals. Rabies Information.


The State of New Jersey requires that all dogs six (6) months or older must be licensed. Proof of rabies vaccination is required for a license to be issued. Licenses must be renewed in January. Each year during the month of December, renewal applications will be mailed to dog owners who have licensed a dog in Robbinsville Township during the previous year. However, even if you have not received a renewal application, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to obtain a license prior to the end of January.

Applications received after January 31 are subject to a $5 surcharge and a $1 per month late fee. (Ord. 96-27). A current rabies certificate good through November 1 of the licensing year is required in order to obtain a license.

Licenses can be obtained from the Municipal Clerk during office hours. If you would like to receive your dog license by mail, please send in a current rabies certificate (Valid through Nov 1 of the current year), proof of Spaying/Neutering and a check made payable to Township of Robbinsville to the following address:

Office of the Municipal Clerk
2298 Route 33
Robbinsville, NJ 08691

If you moved within the state and have obtained a license for the current year at your previous address a copy of that license will be sufficient until January of the following year.

Anyone who has moved to the Township from out-of-state has ten (10) days in which to obtain a New Jersey license from Robbinsville Township, if the dog was not registered in the previous state of residence.
Anyone who has moved to the Township from out-of-state and has a dog with a tag from that state, has ninety (90) days in which to obtain a New Jersey license from the Township.

If your dog cannot be revaccinated due to illness or other reasons, please fill out this form and submit it with your renewal form or application for a new license. Click here for the form.
Please click here for information about Rabies vaccinations.

To report a lost or found pet: If your dog is lost, please contact the Police Department at (609) 259-3900 to ascertain whether or not your dog has been picked up. There is a $10 fee per day, plus the actual cost of expenses occurred by the Township, which must be paid in the Township Clerk's office before you can retrieve your animal.

To report a deceased, stray or wounded animal: All animal complaints must be handled through the Police Department by calling (609) 259-3900.

Invisible Fences: There are currently no regulations governing the use of invisible fences for pet containment. Should you have an issue with pet safety or wandering pets, please contact Animal Control through the Police Department at (609) 259-3900.

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