State Earmarks $6.8 to Robbinsville School District

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Date: September 7, 2023
Contact: Michael Yaple
(609) 376-9072

Murphy Administration Approves $450 Million in School Funding, including $6.85 million Earmarked for Robbinsville School District

TRENTON – (September 7, 2023) - Today, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) and the New Jersey Schools Development Authority (SDA) announced the approval of nearly $450 million in school construction funds to address critical facilities needs in 261 school districts throughout the state.

Of this $450 million in construction, $350 million will come from the State’s Debt Defeasance and Prevention Fund, which was established two years ago to help pay down existing debt and avoid incurring new debt by funding projects outright rather than incurring new borrowing. This move is expected to save the State and taxpayers roughly $350 million in total as opposed to issuing 30-year bonds at current interest rates.

Included in today's allocation is $6.85 million for the Robbinsville School District.

“This funding is part of a state and local partnership that will invest in hundreds of school projects while saving a significant amount of taxpayer dollars. Coupled with an infusion of local funding, this collaboration will generate more than $1 billion in important upgrades to schools throughout New Jersey,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “Ensuring our students receive a world-class education in a first-rate learning environment while relieving the pressure on local taxpayers is a top priority of my Administration.”


September 7, 2023

Dear Robbinsville Community,

The Robbinsville Public Schools received word today it could potentially obtain up to $6.8 million of a state grant for school construction or expansion. The ROD Grant was announced last fall and the district submitted a list of potential capital projects.  

To receive the full $6.8 million allocated to our district, we would need to spend $17.1 million on only capital projects. The district would be required to pay 100% of the project cost upfront and then seek up to 40% reimbursement after projects are completed, which could take years.  

This potential state grant money does not help the district’s current critical financial issues. The state did not provide the Robbinsville Public Schools with the expected level of state aid for the 2023-24 school year. Therefore, additional funding for large capital improvements was removed from the budget. For the state to strip money from the school district’s operating budget and then offer a state grant for school construction that we cannot afford is of very little benefit. 

It is inaccurate to assume the $6.8 million can be used to fund operating expenses or that this money is reimbursement for funds the district has already spent. These funds cannot be utilized to fill the projected $4.8 million operating shortfall which has necessitated the need for the Public Question. 

It’s imperative we continue to pursue a Public Question on the Nov. 7 election ballot, asking Robbinsville voters to support the school district with additional revenue needed for proper staffing, class size, instructional programs, and extracurricular activities, all of which are not covered under this grant.



Brian J. Betze


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