2021 State of Robbinsville Township/Pay it Forward

2021 State of Robbinsville Township/Pay it Forward Benefitting Kelly Breden
October 5, 2021

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ - (June 3, 2021) - Since 2015, Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried and his administration have fostered an almost unprecedented climate of community service and philanthropy by incorporating the "Pay It Forward" component to his State of the Township Address.

As a result, over $350,000 has been raised to help those in need. On October 5 at 6:30 p.m., Mayor Fried will deliver his 2021 address at The Stone Terrace by John Henry.
This year's C.A.R.E. "Pay it Forward" recipient is Robbinsville resident Kelly Breden, who is one of three individuals in New Jersey and among the 160 people around the world who suffer from the rare disease PACS 1 - also known as Schuurs-Hoeijmakers syndrome.
Past SOTT recipients include the Shepherd Family, Quilts for Comfort, Deborah Dauer, the C.A.R.E. Program, Mercer Street Friends Food Bank and We Love Our Robbinsville Neighbors.
Now 17 and classified as non-verbal autistic, Kelly is having increasing difficulty with movement and is frequently subject to falling - often without warning. Following a long and painstaking process, Kelly has been approved for a service dog provided by Little Angels Service Dogs based in Bartlett, New Hampshire.
"Kelly is an amazing and strong young lady from an amazing and resilient family," Mayor Fried said. "I always get extra excited as we gear up for our annual Pay it Forward event, but Kelly's story and the ability to come together to help her acquire this service dog through a wonderful organization such as Little Angels gives me goose bumps."
The Breden Family For Kelly's Independence has raised over $7,000 toward the cost of the service dog, a grand total that will be close to $50,000 upon the completion of specialized training.
"It was the physical therapist's suggestion to try for a service dog to help Kelly's balance, improve her confidence and give her some independence back," Elizabeth Breden, Kelly's mother, said. "We were turned down last year by one organization, but now we have been fully approved by Little Angels. Kelly will be put on a placement waiting list while they find and train a dog for her. The goal is for the dog to help Kelly's brace for balance while walking and standing up, alert me to falling episodes, and give Kelly deep pressure therapy to help relieve anxiety and autistic stims. The dog will also be trained to work next to Kelly's wheelchair. The more she can do for herself, the better her quality of life. You've heard the saying, "happy wife, happy life." We say, "happy Kelly, happy life." 
All fundraising for this effort will now be exclusive to Robbinsville C.A.R.E. and the 2021 State of Robbinsville Township/Pay it Forward initiative.
Checks can be made payable to C.A.R.E. for any amount and mailed to:
Jodi Stephens
Robbinsville Township
C/O Pay it Forward
2298 Route 33
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
Please write "2021 Pay it Forward" as a note on your check.
Little Angels Service Dogs is a charitable nonprofit 501c3 corporation which reaches across the United States partnering service dogs with individuals with special needs. Founded in 2006, Little Angels is dedicated to providing the highest quality dogs for needs such as diabetes detection, mobility, psychiatric disorders, seizure, hearing impairment and autism.
"We're so excited to be part of this journey with Kelly, her family and Robbinsville," Director of Recipient Relations Darlene Drew said. "It's a difficult process to say the least, but over the next year we are going to be placing our dogs at an incredible rate. We have 12 dogs fully trained and ready to go to their people, but because of the backlog of COVID-19 we can't make any promises as to how long that is going to take for any of the recipients on our list. Kelly is absolutely on that list and Little Angels is thrilled to have this opportunity to help."
Individual tickets for our 2021 event are $110 and a table of 10 is $1,000.
Sponsorships opportunities are:
$25,000 Hero Sponsor: Ten event tickets, banner prominently displayed at event, website recognition with link to organization, recognition in Mayor’s speech, large logo on sponsor board.
$5,000 C.A.R.E. Sponsor: Four event tickets, banner prominently displayed at event, large logo on sponsor board, website recognition with link to organization, recognition in Mayor’s speech.
$2,500 Little Angels Sponsor: Two event tickets, banner prominently displayed at event, large logo on sponsorship board.
$500 Beverage Sponsor: Logo on bar sign and sponsorship board.
$250 Advocate Sponsor: Logo on sponsor board.
Sponsorship form and direct donation information CLICK HERE.
To donate via PayPal, CLICK HERE.
Please contact Jodi Stephens (609) 259-3600 ext. 1102 for further information.
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