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Requires Mobile Food Vendor Permit/Food Vendor ID Permit/Health Permit/Fire Permit

Any automobile, truck, or other motor-powered vehicle, owned and operated, or contracted with an approved, licensed retail food establishment that is in good standing with the health authority in which the establishment is located, that offers or provides cooked or prepared food to individuals from a temporary, but stationary location.  This definition shall not include vehicles that offer or provide ice cream, ice cream products, or water ice or similar products, which shall be subject to the requirements of Chapter 182, Peddling and Soliciting.

Requires Solicitor’s Permit and Health Permit

Vehicles that offer or provide ice cream, ice cream products, or water ice or similar products, which go door to door and drive around neighborhoods/parks (subject to the requirements of Township Code Chapter 182, Peddling and Soliciting)

Requires Solicitor’s Permit and Health Permit

Any movable truck, van, trailer, bicycle or other movable unit, including hand-carried, portable containers in or on which food or beverage is transported, stored or prepared for retail sale or given away at temporary locations. For example: Going from construction site to construction site selling lunches not prepared in a traditional food truck.
This definition shall specifically exclude mobile food vendors as defined by § 158-3. 

SPECIAL EVENT PERMITS (Includes Food Truck Festivals)
(Requires various permits unique to each event)

Any event outside the normal business operations of a private or a public entity that is dependent upon the use of Township facilities, lands, roads, services and/or finances or which will take place on public or private property and which requires temporary exemption from certain Township ordinances, where the public is invited and the expected attendance of the event exceeds 50 individuals.  Special events shall also include any event that will require the use of any portion of Township property for the sole use by a person to the exclusion of the general public.  Examples of special events may include but are not limited to parades, concerts, festivals, and walkathons.

(Requires Solicitor’s Permit for non-food sales)

A person who engages in a temporary business within the Township of selling and delivering merchandise or services within the Township and who in furtherance of such purpose, hires, leases, uses or occupies any building, structure, motor vehicle, tent, public room in hotels, lodging houses, apartments or shops, parking lot, sidewalk, street, alley or other place within the Township, for the exhibition and sale of such merchandise or services, either privately or at public auction. This definition shall not include a mobile food vendor as defined by § 158-3.  Any activities conducted which are contrary to the permitted uses under Chapter 142, Land Use, are hereby prohibited.

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