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 Unified Zip Code Surveys issued by USPS

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ – (May 20, 2016) – Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried has submitted a formal request to the United States Postal Service for a unified zip code exclusive to Robbinsville Township.

The offices of U.S. Congressman Chris Smith and D-14 Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo, along with Robbinsville Township Business Administrator Joy Tozzi, also have been instrumental throughout the nearly three-year process.

Surveys detailing the unified zip code were sent to residents of Robbinsville, Windsor and any other Robbinsville taxpayer on or about May 20, 2016.
Results of the survey are due sometime in August. 

The contact information for residents who did not receive a survey in the mail were immediately forwarded to the USPS, upon request and with permission.

“We’ve heard our residents loud and clear regarding their desire to have “Robbinsville, 08691” be their official postal designation,’’ Mayor Fried said. “I would to thank Congressman Smith for his work on this issue, both in Washington and locally, along with Assemblyman DeAngelo and his staff. This is by no means a done deal. Our residents must respond to the survey in order for this measure to be considered any further.”

According to the USPS, in order for the survey to be considered valid 80 percent of affected residents must reply. In order for the zip code change to be considered, 75 percent of respondents must be in favor. Once the completed surveys have been received and processed by USPS, the results will be shared with Mayor Fried and other government officials.

“Residents have expressed their desire to put Robbinsville on the map with a unified zip code for years,’’ Assemblyman DeAngelo said. “Now is the time for our town to come together to let their voice be heard by the postal service and say 'yes' to a single zip code for all of Robbinsville."

U.S. Rep. Smith’s fourth Congressional District includes Robbinsville and its population of approximately 14,500.

“The confusion and problems that often result for people when their hometown has multiple postal identities has led to this opportunity for residents to be heard by participating in the U.S. Postal Service survey,” Rep. Smith said. “I look forward to the results and continuing working with Assemblyman DeAngelo and Mayor Fried, who has led the effort.”


Why is a change necessary?

For almost nine years, the Township has sought a zip code change as part of establishing our community as uniquely Robbinsville going back to changing the name, to updating traffic signs, to economic development.   A unified zip code would further that effort to make our growing town an established community. 

How does a zip code change impact the town?

Many residents have experienced regular problems in the delivery of their mail.  For instance, in some cases there are street names in both Trenton and Robbinsville which means that mail from bills to birthday gifts are sent to the wrong home never to be delivered properly. GPS and mapping aps are unable to identify proper locations leaving delivery trucks lost a roaming residential streets. Insurance companies identify addresses as Trenton and not Robbinsville causing residents to pay inflated rates. The confusion is constant and on-going for many residents and business. A unified zip code would help to establish these Robbinsville addresses in order to clear up these issue and others. 

What would change if the zip code changed?

Currently, there are many residents whose address comes up as a different town such as Trenton, Hightstown, East Windsor, Hamilton etc because they have a different zip code or because they are required to use one of those towns as an address. If the zip code 08691 is change to cover all residents who live in Robbinsville officially (ie. pay taxes to the Township or send their kids to the schools) would be moved to the address line of Robbinsville, NJ 08691.   Those who do not live in Robbinsville proper (ie. Hamilton or Trenton)  would not be affected. 

Does this change how my mail is delivered?

No, mail delivery would not be changed.  If you receive mail at your home or through a P.O. Box, it would remain the same.

How will the change happen?

Residents must complete the survey postcards by checking "I Support the Change" and mailing them back. The USPS requires an 80% response rate with 75% of those responding in support of the change. This is a big level of response, but Robbinsville residents have overwhelmingly asked for this change for years, so there is hope to achieve this change. 

When are survey responses due?

All responses cards need to be returned by June 10, 2016.  The postage is paid on the official card.

I never received a survey in the mail - or I lost it.  How do I get one?

Contact either the USPS Customer Care Center at 1-800-275-8777 or Congressman Chris Smith's office at (732) 780-3035  to ask if they could help you obtain a survey

When would a change go into effect?

Likely not for a while in order to give residents to make official changes to their mail or address on certain items such as personal checks.  However, USPS has not indicated when the change would go into effect. 

My survey response card is a different size or color than my neighbors.  Is it still valid?

Yes, regardless of the color of the card, it needs to be sent in to be counted as a response.

Who should I call if I have more questions?

Feel free to call the Robbinsville Municipal Offices at (609) 918-0002, or the Office of Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo at (609) 631-7501.


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