RTPD Chief Nitti Statement
Re: Right to Farm Act

RTPD Police Chief Christopher A. Nitti Statement Regarding Loud Noises During the Night
"Over the past several weeks, the Office of Mayor Dave Fried and the Robbinsville Township Police Department have fielded multiple calls regarding loud sounds similar to gun shots during the overnight hours.
The sounds you are hearing are actually an air cannon being utilized by a local farm market as a deterrent to the deer population in order to protect crops that are being harvested on the property.  The State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued a noise device permit to the land owner allowing him to operate a noise-making device (i.e. LP exploder, acetylene exploder, carbide exploder or other mechanical device which has been approved by the Division of Fish and Wildlife) to scare or repel birds, deer or other wildlife so as to prevent the damage and destruction of crops and other property.
The use of this device is a protected practice permitted under the New Jersey Right to Farm Act (N.J.S.A. 4:1C-1 et seq.), which was signed into law in 1983.  Although we support the Right to Farm Act and understand the potential financial hardship if a crop is destroyed before harvest, we also are sympathetic to the residents of this community and their right to a peaceful night of sleep.  We have taken the initial steps to work on a resolution and hopefully a compromise can be reached on the use of this device moving forward.  We have been in contact with DEP as well as our Health Department and are eager to resolve this issue to the satisfaction of all parties."
RTPD Chief Christopher A. Nitti
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