Pond Road Student Charged By RPD

UPDATED: Pond Road Student Charged by RPD
ROBBINSVILLE, NJ - (May 10, 2017) - A 7th Grade male student at Pond Road Middle School was removed from school grounds before the start of class by Robbinsville Township Police and taken for questioning.

A video posted to the mobile app Snapchat of what appeared to be a handgun was discovered overnight Monday.

Robbinsville Police have charged the student on a juvenile petition with: 1. Unlawful possession of a weapon (BB gun) and; 2. Causing a public alarm.

The student, unidentified due to his age, was released into the custody of his mother, who accompanied her son at police headquarters during questioning early Tuesday.

The RPD confirms it was a BB gun displayed in the eight second video, which also features other children laughing in the background. The weapon has been confiscated.

"We take every threat seriously," RPD Chief Chris Nitti said. "I am very pleased with the coordination between not only our department and school district officials, but also the parent who helped bring this matter to our attention."

There was no imminent threat at Pond Road or any of Robbinsville's three schools, and classes operated on a normal operating schedule throughout the day Tuesday.

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