Robbinsville Tests Wastewater Conversion System


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Robbinsville Township Tests System that Turns Municipal Waste
into Safe Drinking Water & Clean Energy

 Projected Wastewater Savings of $1.7 Million Annually 

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ - (April 26, 2017) - 
Robbinsville Township, along with an environmental technology team led by Township-based Imex Consulting Group Inc., Wednesday tested groundbreaking technology at Tantum Park on Meadowbrook Road that would help address the global problem of clean drinking water and save Robbinsville Township millions of dollars in wastewater treatment over the next 20 years.
Imex Consulting Group, along with co-inventors from SIDE Industrie’s, Theia, LLC and Corncob Inc., showcased its cutting-edge membrane filtration system before Mayor Dave Fried, Council President Dan Schuberth and Councilman Ron Witt during a live pilot testing in Robbinsville. The testing will continue for one week.

The Township, which generates approximately 1.5 million gallons per day, then will decide if the system achieves its objectives and warrants implementation. Robbinsville currently pumps its wastewater to the treatment plant in neighboring Hamilton Township and pays a percentage of the flow. It is estimated that three filtration systems in Robbinsville, at an approximate cost of $4 million each, would pay for itself in seven years and save $34 million in wastewater treatment costs by 2037. 
Even if the system is purchased and implemented, the treated and filtered wastewater will not be introduced into Robbinsville's drinking water supply. The recent demonstrations were only to prove the treated water was safe enough for drinking. Robbinsville and/or Aqua will not be changing its methods of delivering clean, drinking and potable water to the community.

“I have not been this excited about a potential Township initiative in a very long time,’’ Mayor Fried said. “Councilman Witt and Public Works Director Dino Colarocco were instrumental in bringing everyone involved in this cutting edge wastewater treatment system to the table. Treating our own wastewater could save the Township about $1.7 million per year and lower residents’ sewer tax burden. If implemented, the project would be paid for out of capital expense fund and the sewer surplus. It would not result in a tax increase. There are also loans with varying percentages of forgiveness available from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program that we may be eligible for.”

The patent-pending process technology, nicknamed "Prometheus" requires a fraction of the energy and cost of conventional water treatment methods and can be used in a variety of applications, including municipal, industrial, residential and commercial. During the technology showcase, CORNCOB’s machine “Alfie” successfully turned samples from the Menomonee River in Milwaukee into clean, safe drinking water. Robbinsville is looking to take this technology one step further by turning wastewater from its municipal sewage pump stations to a fully self-contained, totally enclosed treatment facility generating potable water and electricity to run on its own. 

“By partnering with a tremendous team of innovative thinkers and utilizing the technology unveiled today in Robbinsville, we are confident it will lower the Township’s sewer expenses and the same time reduce load and stress on Hamilton’s system,’’ Imex Consulting Group Inc. President Gabe Lederman said. “Once completed, this fiscally-responsible project would put Robbinsville on the map as a leader in addressing the clean water crises.”


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