December Flashback: Mayor Fried Puts "Christmas" Back into the Season

December Flashback 2013:
Mayor Dave Fried puts Christmas back into the season

"I finally said, 'okay enough is enough.' We’re going to call it what it is - it’s a Christmas tree lighting. We have a Menorah at the Christmas tree lighting and we don’t call that a candelabra. We call it a Menorah. I think that’s one of the problems we’ve had in this country. We keep trying not to offend anyone, and in doing so it really has sort of affected our culture and our history. This is the great melting pot, and it made this country great, so we have to embrace it.”

- Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried, December 3, 2013

Few news stories from Robbinsville Township have generated more emotion, opinions and feedback from the community than when Mayor Dave Fried, with the help of residents, helped put "Christmas" back into the season in 2013. Below are just a few of the story, audio & video links from that memorable week in 2013.

Video: Fox & Friends

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