Joint Statement from Council & Mayor Fried Re: TCS

(DEC. 5, 2016)
"Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried and Township Council would like to thank Sharbell Development and the Capodagli Development Group for their impressive proposals of Town Center South, which were presented at Thursday's Township Council meeting at the Senior Center.
The visions presented are the first step in a comprehensive process. Residents should be reassured that these are merely proposals, and nothing has been determined for the approximately 45 acres along Route 33, which have been owned by the Township for nearly a decade.  
It is our collective responsibility to listen to all proposals that could yield a development opportunity that serves the best interests of the entire township. We will continue to be patient and review all options in order to arrive at the best decision possible for our residents and the school district.
We have had an extremely busy year, and we have done our very best to balance development while preserving more Open Space and limiting further residential development.
At present, our top priority is to close on the 400-plus acres that comprise the Edinburg Village (Washington Woods, LLC) and Miry Run properties. These parcels will be preserved and converted to open space. We also have a settlement on the table with Fair Share Housing Center in an effort to end the lengthy affordable housing litigation process.
We thank township residents for their continued support, and we will keep you updated on any further developments."
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