Economic Development Advisory Commitee

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(Resolutions 2005-304 & 2007-240)

Annually, this committee shall choose a Chair and Vice Chair amongst the members, who shall serve for one year.  This Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month.
EDAC serves to coordinate the cultivation and development of Robbinsville Township’s economic potential by aiding business, agriculture, industry, and residents in maximizing their full economic potential within the township.  In 2019, the EDAC will pursue two specific objectives:

Local Business Support- EDAC will organize a set of round-table discussions with local business leaders, with the goal of sharing information about community development initiatives, addressing concerns, and building rapport between residents, business leaders, and Township officials.

Public Policy Development- EDAC will identify opportunities for local policy innovation in the area of economic and community development, conduct research, and present recommendations through policy briefs to the Mayor and Township Council.

The EDAC is an active committee where members are expected to advance initiatives with guidance from Township officials. The time commitment for service is one meeting per month, with additional committee work in between meetings and clear deliverables.  
If you are interested in serving on the EDAC in 2019, please submit a Volunteer Application Form and indicate on the form which of the two objectives you're interested in supporting through your service (Local Business Support or Public Policy Development).


Dan Schuberth (Council Liaison) - 1 yr. – Town Council – 12/31/20
Paul Rubin, Chair - 1 yr. - Mayor w/ TC consent - 12/31/21
Elizabeth Meyers, Vice Chair - 3 yr. - Mayor w/ TC consent - 12/31/22
Joe Markowitz - 3 yr. -Mayor w/ TC consent -12/31/20
Regina Wilder - 3 yr. - Mayor w/ TC consent - 12/31/20
Spencer Perini - 3 yr. - Mayor w/ TC consent - 12/31/21
Parimal Patel - 3 yr. – Mayor w/ TC consent - 12/31/22
Tom Catalano - 3 yr. - Mayor w/ TC consent - 12/31/20
Arifa Khan - 3 yr. - Mayor w/ TC consent - 12/31/22
Chuck Cerniglia - 3 yr. - Mayor w/ TC consent - 12/31/21
Hal English (Ex. Officio Member) - 1 yr. - Mayor w/ TC consent - 12/31/20

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