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The Township of Robbinsville has been collecting recyclables as "Single Stream" since September 2008. This method allows you to put all your recyclable materials including glass, plastics, metal, paper and cardboard into one (1) recycle bucket (or as many as needed). It is than collected by one (1) truck and taken to a facility where it will then be separated, and recycled. By using this Single Stream Method it allows us to realize a savings on our collection costs by reducing the number of trucks and labor required to make the collections.

No Plastic Bags or Pizza Boxes in Recycling

If you need a replacement recycle bucket you may stop in or contact the Public Works office 609-259-0422.
Recycling lids are available for purchase at the Public Works office.
$4 each for the 20 gallon lid (old yellow & green bucket)
$5 each for the 32 gallon lid (Kelly green bucket)

Other Helpful Recycling Information
First, collections are rarely canceled due to weather conditions.  However, if extremely severe weather conditions exist, a post will be on the Home Page of this site or you can contact the Public Works Department at 609-259-0422.

CARDBOARD BOXES are to broken down and bundled with string or tape.  Any packing materials must be removed and thrown out with your household trash.  Unusually larger boxes, such a a refrigerator box, will need to be cut to a smaller size and also bundled with string or tape.

On windy and rainy days, in your commingled recyclables container, place the heavier items, such as glass bottles and jars, on the top of the pile so that the aluminum cans, plastic bottles and paper won't blow away.

For safety purposes, if snow or ice conditions exist, please ensure your collection containers are visible and easily accessible.
Fact: Because of its grease content,
one pizza box can contaminate an
entire load of clean recycling material.
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