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ROBBINSVILLE, NJ - (Sept. 13, 2016) - Stormy weather including damaging winds will be here soon.

Robbinsville Township is advising its residents to prepare their homes and property for the 2017 fall and winter storm season.

Removal of dangerous trees before they fall can prevent injuries, damage to homes and properties, road closures and may even help your neighborhood avoid power outages caused by fallen overhead wires.

Devote some free time this fall to family preparedness and assess your property to ensure that landscaping and trees do not become a wind hazard. If you have large trees consider having a professional Arborist carefully examine the trees for conditions of concern. Trim all dead wood, weak branches or overhanging branches from the trees. Dead, diseased, and declining trees and bushes are vulnerable to high winds. All dead trees near homes are hazards. Please remove them.

Prior to attempting to remove any dead branches on your own, consider your safety and the safety of those around you. Arborists are trained to minimize risk of injuries and damage during the removal process. Don’t underestimate the weight of trees or branches. Please consider hiring an experienced, trained, and insured, professional.

Preparing for emergencies is a responsibility for all of us. Help our community enhance our resilience to emergencies by taking action to improve the individual preparedness of your family, home, or business. More detailed information on preparing for emergencies and tree work can be found at the following links:


Tree Safety: and

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