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Jodi Stephens, R*MAPSA Coordinator 
609-259-3600 x 102
2298 Route 33, Robbinsville, NJ 08691

The Robbinsville Township Municipal Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse (R*MAPSA) was adopted by ordinance in 2009 in accordance with state statutes governing the creation of these local entities.
parents-host-lose-mostR*MAPSA serves to combat substance abuse through education and by creating a forum for shared ideas among the many volunteers within the community with a focus on prevention. The alliance represents one of the few opportunities outside of the courtroom where the municipal judge, the police department and representatives from the township and school system are permitted to gather in order to tackle this growing problem.
R*MAPSA meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Administrative Conference Room, located on the second floor at: 1 Washington Boulevard in Robbinsville.


  • Strive to be a drug-free community.
  • A community of citizens, regardless of age, race or ethnicity making healthy choices that do not include using and abusing tobacco, drugs or alcohol.

To serve as the official Township coordinating body for the planning, awareness and education with regard to tobacco, alcohol and drugs, legal or illegal. Taking preventative measures with regard to addiction and unhealthy choices. R*MAPSA, with the direction from GCADA and the advice of the Mayor and Council on the matters pertaining to alcoholism and substance abuse, shall make recommendations with the goal of reducing substance abuse within Robbinsville Township. Comprised of local leaders, municipal employees, parents, educators and community partners this alliance is dedicated to the promotion of safe, healthy and responsible lifestyles.

The R*MAPSA Committee is a coalition of citizens from the business, church and school community, as well as member of local organizations, that work together in order to develop, plan and implement programs and activities that will assist with the prevention and education of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD).
The alliance receives funding from several sources, including the State of New Jersey, through Drug Education Demand Reduction (DEDR) funds, and donations from the Township of Robbinsville, businesses and private citizens. The State of New Jersey provides 50 percent of the funding for the Alliance via a grant from the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (GCADA). The Township of Robbinsville provides a 25 percent cash match, as well as a 75 percent "In-Kind" (goods and services) donation.

MemberTerm ExpiresAppointed byExpires
David Fried (or designee), Mayor, ex-officio 4 Year Mayor 12/31/21
Mike Cipriano (or designee), Council Liaison, ex-officio 1 Year Town Council 12/31/18
Chris Nitti, Police Chief, ex-officio 1 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/18
R. Douglas Hoffman (or designee), Municipal Judge, ex-officio 3 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/18
Edward Vincent (or designee), School Resource Officer, ex-offico No Specific Mayor w/ TC Consent N/A
Jodi Stephens (or designee), Township Liaison, ex-officio 1 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/18
Kathie Foster (or designee), Acting Superintendent of Schools, ex-officio No Specific Mayor w/ TC Consent N/A
Jill Makkay, Private Citizen 3 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/18
Ellen Gallagher, Private Citizen 3 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/18
Brandi Shaw, Private Citizen 3 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/19
Susan Kratz, Private Citizen 3 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/20
Kelly Nitti, Member 3 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/19
Betty Alfano, Member 3 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/20
Shaina Ciaccio, Member 3 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/20
Dawn Fennimore, Member 3 Year Mayor w/ TC Consent 12/31/18

Established by Ordinance 2009-2, Amended by Ord. 2009-18, Up to four citizen members and up to four additional members may serve on this committee. This committee meets quarterly in February, May, September & December unless otherwise announced.

2016-17 R*MAPSA Meeting Schedule:
(All meetings to be held at the new Robbinsville Township Municipal Building, located at 2298 Route 33, Robbinsville, NJ 08691 at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted)


Municipal Alliance Programs & Activities:   

  • Count on Me Kids
  • S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) H.S. Club 
  • Parent Community Forums
  • P.W.H.L.T.M (Parents Who Host, Lose The Most)
  • Sticker Shock
  • D.A.R.E. 
  • Fishing Derby 
  • National Night Out
  • Senior Awareness Day
  • New Year's Eve Bonfire Bash

These programs and activities are sponsored by the Robbinsville Municipal Alliance in cooperation with the Robbinsville school district, municipalities and community volunteers.


  • Revovery Advocates of America - 888-360-7788
  • NJ Addictions Hotline - 844-276-2777

  • Alcoholics Anonymous - 609-298-7795

  • Narcotics Anonymous of NJ - 800-992-0401
  • ALANON/ALATEEN - 856-547-0855
  • Mercer County on Alcoholism & Drug Addiction – 609-396-5874
  • Recovery Advocates of America - 888-360-7788
  • City of Angels NJ, Inc. – 609-910-4942 - (Substance Abuse Support, Interventions & treatment referrals)
  • Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline - 877-652-2873
  • Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline - 877-652-2873
  • Crisis & Suicide 24 Hour Helpline - 609-896-2120 
  • Teen Challenge for Boys - 888-289-6818 (Faith based Intervention)
  • Crisis Center - 609-394-6773 (Psychiatric crisis for all ages)
  • Comprehensive Mental Health Services - 609-737-7797 (Wide range of counseling services)
  • Corner House - 609-924-8018 (Counseling center for adolescents, teens & their families)
  • Princeton House Behavioral Health - 609-497-3355 (Behavioral healthcare for adolescents)
  • Anchor House - 609-396-8329 (Multi-service agency for at-risk youth and their families)
  • AAMH—609-452-2088 (Community-based mental health center)
  • Hi-Tops - 609-683-5155 (Health resources for teens)
  • Family Helpline - 800-THE-KIDS (24-hour stress-line; parenting advice)
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